Dombrowski moves quick to fill Tigers needs

If there is anything I like about Dave Dombrowski, and there are many things, it’s how quickly he moves every off-season to fill the needs here in Detroit. Today, the first day of the MLB Winter Meetings, the Tigers made moves to grab a catcher, Gerald Laird, and some help at shortstop, in Adam Everett. Neither move comes as a surprise and have been widely speculated this past week and neither move is much to get excited about.

Adam Everett

It’s tough to get behind the Adam Everett signing, though also hard to complain much due to the very low level of commitment on the Tigers part. Everett was signed to a 1-year deal worth $1M plus incentives which are likely based around playing time. To sum up his offensive ability, he is a low OBP, no power hitter who hit .184 against RHP in 98 at-bats last year. Suffice to say, the Tigers interest in Adam is solely in his defensive abilities. Unfortunately, Detroit already has one of these caliber players in Ramon Santiago, probably even better.

I’m not sure why Dombrowski’s confidence in Ramon Santiago lasting out a whole year is so low. I certainly understood, and supported, their search for a shortstop. Available everyday shortstops, such as Jack Wilson, Cesar Izturis, and to some degree Rafael Furcal, weren’t the greatest of options but would have elevated the team.

Seems the team could have just relied on Ramon Santiago, at least he might have a chance to continue his outstanding 2008 season. Doubtful, but I’d bet on Ramon over Everett any day.

Gerald Laird

The Laird trade is a significantly more solid pick up with future potential. Detroit gave up two RHP prospects, Guillermo Moscoso and Carlos Melo. Moscoso is the real gem in this deal for Texas and he had a breakout year last year but is 25 and has also been prone to injury. On the flip side, this is also what Detroit used to justify letting Jair Jurrjens go.

Not a bad day.

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  1. cftaker says:

    Its suck that they are out of the playoffs, But Twins had it coming. I love the Twin,s ;)
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