Robertson takes the mound looking for Tigers first win

Nate Robertson on the moundThis season hasn’t started out quite as I had imagined but we’ve only played 1.85% of the games. I’ve had to pretty much keep my radio off on the way into and home from work since talk radio has been rife with second guessing many off-season moves that just days ago were being applauded. After the second loss the Detroit Free Press ran an article that had the following in the title: “don’t panic just yet, but modest concern is OK“. No, even modest concern is not OK just quite yet.

Brandon Inge has been spectacular to start off the year and looked unlike the Inge of 2007. He’s shown great plate discipline through the first couple games, as well as back in Spring Training, and continued to show that he can play nearly any position in the field competently. He’s earned multiple walks and shown power out of the gate, yet Miguel Cabrera is better. This first three-game sweep by the Royals has brought the Inge-supporters out in droves, but nothing has really changed. If anything, Brandon is helping find himself a starting spot elsewhere which can only benefit Detroit later in the season when particular needs are more apparent.

If there is anything to be concerned about it is the one thing that can really hold this team back; injuries. The season has started with many key players out (Joel Zumaya, Fernando Rodney, Curtis Granderson) and now Gary Sheffield is appearing to have as serious problem. There have been some mixed messages in what has been in the crowd, but as Blake points out, it does not sound good. Miguel Cabrera will take Shef’s place in DH today.

Today Nate Robertson will look to carry his successful Spring Training starts into the regular season. For the Chicago White Sox, Jose Contreras will take the mound. If there is any pitcher that the Tiger bats should come alive against, it is Jose. Detroit took him for 26 hits and 4 walks in 18 IP over the 2007 season and slugged .587. He was just bad in ’07 and didn’t look as if he had straightened out at all this past spring.

Game time is 1:05 PM @ Comerica Park.

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2 Responses to Robertson takes the mound looking for Tigers first win

  1. Blake says:

    I’m with you Eric, no point in going into panic mode on April 4th. If the Tigers lost 3 three in July it would be just a blip of news. They’ll get it straightened out.

  2. Aidan says:

    I think Robertson will have a career year this year but I just hope the Tigers can win.

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