Michael Wuertz could help shore up the Tiger bullpen

Michael WuertzAccording to Jon Paul Morosi with the Free Press the Tigers are eying Cub Michael Wuertz. An acquisition of this sort could go a long way in helping secure some solid late inning relief until the duo of Fernando Rodney and Joel Zumaya are back in action. Detroit’s need of solid bullpen help has been over discussed the past few weeks but little action has been taken by GM Dave Dombrowski.

Maybe teams are just reluctant to part ways with pitchers right now or maybe Detroit doesn’t have good enough bargaining chips in Marcus Thames and/or Brandon Inge. Either way, help from outside of the current organization is very much needed to help the team protect leads handed off by Tiger starters and the all-star lineup. Manager Jim Leyland doesn’t seem too optimistic however of the prospects of outside help:

“Nobody’s going to parachute in here that’s going to be our savior,” Leyland said. “We can’t make our bullpen, in the next 10 days, as good as if we had Zumaya and Rodney. We can’t do it. So, forget about it.”

Leyland is probably correct that replacing those two isn’t going to happen but it also isn’t needed. The current bullpen does have some good arms in Bobby Seay and hopefully in Denny Bautista. Zach Miner will continue to eat innings and, while inconsistent, has always provided the team with some solid pitching. A pitcher like Michael Wuertz can only help bring consistency to the Tiger bullpen instead of games that see 3-4 pitchers each outing as Leyland tries to keep his guys fresh. Wuertz’s 79 K’s in 72 innings pitched last season could also add some much needed pop to the ‘pen.

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