Tigers release 2008 TV Schedule

The Cleveland Indians will be beating the Detroit Tigers in at least one category this year and that is in High Definition TV game coverage. Cleveland announced a few weeks ago that all 2008 games will be broadcast in HD. The Tigers will be broadcasting at least 75 games in HD this coming season:

FSN Detroit, featuring the broadcast team of play-by-play voice Mario Impemba and analyst Rod Allen, will air as many as 151 games this season, including at least 75 in high definition on FSN HD. Three April and May games that conflict with the Detroit Pistons or the Red Wings are slated to air on FSN Plus, an alternate channel made available through cable and satellite providers.

Not a big change from last year with only a single game not currently scheduled to be broadcast. It’s hard to complain when only a single game won’t be shown but I had hoped for a bit more HD coverage. With such high popularity of tickets last year and this season and with high TV ratings the last two years I can only imagine there is some demand:

Not surprisingly, Tigers games have been a huge draw in the local television market. Last year’s games on FSN drew an all-time high 7.5 average household rating. In the summer months from June through August, they’ve been the most watched programs in the Detroit market in each of the past two seasons, beating both cable and broadcast shows in prime time.

Hopefully some more games in HD will be added. Additionally, two games are scheduled to be on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. When Detroit stunk, not so long ago, I would complain that they didn’t get national coverage, now I’d rather watch Rod and Mario on FSN. I guess the grass is always greener :)

With the Pitchers & Catchers reporting in 7 days, with many already there, and position players in 12 days, the season is right around the corner!

[UPDATE]FSN Detroit will be airing 103 games in HD this year.

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4 Responses to Tigers release 2008 TV Schedule

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  2. Alvin J Kallio says:

    Request the Tiger 2008-2009 Baseball schedule

  3. Dennis Weidman says:

    Its sad that there isnt games on local stations that don’t require cable because my wife and I love watching the Tigers but I am not going to pay $60 a month just to have FSN. So we don’t get to see the Tigers play we might listen on the radio but thats only when were in the car. A matter a fact where we live in the thumb of Michigan its hard to get a good signal on the radio. So we miss a lot of games and I am sure we are not the only people like this. If Tigers want more people to get excited about baseball they need to offer free viewing at least once a week like football and basketball.

    Dennis Weidman

  4. Eric Jackson says:

    Yes, the “over the air” schedule is rather disappointing. I do have cable but some I know, who are also Tiger fans, do not. I use MLB Gameday Audio when I’m at work or on the road: http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/subscriptions/gameday_audio.jsp

    It’s cheap and there is no blackout restrictions.

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