It’s settled. Inge to the backstop, for now

Brandon Inge has broken his silence and seems to still be coming to terms with the situation he is now in. For now, Brandon will report to the Tigers Spring Training with the catchers, though Dombrowski is still seeking a trade. According to Brandon, this is the worst situation he could be in:

“I look at it this way. My absolute preference would be to stay in Detroit as the starting third baseman. My next preference would be to stay in Detroit, starting at any other position. Next on the list would be to start elsewhere at third base — and fourth would be to stay in Detroit as a bench guy.”

That said, he could quickly jump to being a starter behind the dish for the 2009 season given the low depth in the Detroit farm system at the position and the loss of Pudge Rodriguez. A few weeks ago I wrote about his prospects at catcher and how this is really the best situation for all involved.

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2 Responses to It’s settled. Inge to the backstop, for now

  1. Sean Delaney says:

    I know Brandon would prefer to be an everyday player but the fact is he had a great opportunity to be the Tigers everyday catcher next year. With a talent like Cabrera he will never play third again on this team. So I think it’s smart to commit learning the catching position from a sure hall of famer. Learn from Pudge this year and make a commitment to be a better hitter. HItting .240 ain’t gonna cut it on this team. I think if he goes anywhere else he won’t have the same chance to win a world series ring isn’t that what it’s all about. This team was built for one purpose to win a championship period!!!!!

  2. Eric Jackson says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I would expect some level of discontent from any professional player when they get beat out. But this is a bit overboard.

    He needs to take stock at where his best shot is to stay in the big leagues on any team at any position. That right now is in Detroit as a backup catcher.

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