Tigers look to lock up everyone this offseason

In news that isn’t much of a shocker when you take into account how Dave Dombrowski does business, the Free Press is reporting that the Tigers and Curtis Granderson are in the process of negotiating a long term contract.

The Tigers would likely want the contract to stretch a minimum of one season beyond the point at which Granderson would otherwise enter free agency. That was true of three-year extensions signed by Dontrelle Willis and Nate Robertson earlier this off-season. In Granderson’s case, that would point to a contract of at least five years.

I’m all for it and wouldn’t be surprised to see a six or seven year deal come out of this. Regardless of his successes on the field and the recent departure of Cameron Maybin and Gorkys Hernandez, Curtis is the type of player who can be the face of this organization for years. Additionally, the way salaries continue to climb, Detroit will likely look back in 2011 thinking they got steal regardless of what they give up. This won’t be a blockbuster on the level of Alfonso Soriano‘s 8-year $136M deal with the Cubs or even Torii Hunter‘s 5-year $90M deal with the Angels. It will probobly be closer to Grady Sizemore’s 6-year $23.45M deal signed before the 2006 season when his situation was pretty much the same as Granderson’s is currently.

For a blockbuster, keep your eyes open for an extension for Miguel Cabrera.

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