Tigers Spring Training Games

Just like Matt Wallace from Take 75 North, My wife and I will be making the trip down to Lakeland, FL to catch some Spring Training games. We’ll be attending two games over the weekend of March 8th & 9th:

  • Detroit Tigers @ Toronto Blue Jays – March 8th @ 1:05pm – Dunedin, FL – Knology Park
  • Pittsburgh Pirates @ Detroit Tigers – March 9th @ 1:05pm – Lakeland, FL – Joker Marchant Stadium

We’re looking very forward to the trip and I hope to post some pictures and updates from what I see down there. I haven’t been to Spring Training of any sort for quite some time, at least since Cincinnati played in Plant City, FL, so I’m sure it will be a lot of fun.

Since we’ll be attending an ‘away’ game in Dunedin we had to purchase tickets through both the Tigers and Blue Jays brokers. I’ve had some problems with the Tigers ticket brokers in the past but this experience has changed my perspective. Purchasing the Tigers Spring Training tickets was simple and I had them printed and ready to go within minutes. Purchasing Blue Jays tickets was a bit different.

After selecting the game I wanted and filling out all the forms on the Toronto site I noticed that there was no option to e-mail tickets. The options were to have the tickets mailed to me or for ‘will call’. That’s ok and since I’ll be traveling to go to these games I wanted tickets in-hand before I travel so I chose to have the tickets mailed. I clicked on the button to purchase tickets and was given a message stating that someone would call me. I found it odd that they’d have a representative call me for a couple simple tickets but they can do as they wish.

I never received a call but I did recieve and email telling me:

Thank you for your purchase!

If you selected mail, your tickets will be in the mail starting December 2006.

They must be lost in the mail. I do hope they arrive at some point :)

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4 Responses to Tigers Spring Training Games

  1. Blake says:

    I hope you get those tickets, that would be some tough luck. I’ve always wanted to make the trip to spring training, but have yet to put it all together. I will be in Arizona in mid-February and I think pitchers and catchers should be around, but there probably won’t be much to see.

  2. ET90210 says:

    Canseco is at it again. This time trying to blackmail people! Wow.


  3. Mick says:

    I will be in the Orlando area March 21st-28th with my 2 sons. I want to see a Tigers spring taining game. Is there an area at the stadium that they will be able to get autographs before & after the game?

  4. Eric Jackson says:

    Hey Mick,
    Yep, there is. Danny Knobler did a nice job going over how things work down in Lakeland and where to get some close access to players: http://blog.mlive.com/tigersinsider/2008/02/a_look_ahead_to_spring_trainin.html

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