Tiger Arbitration Update

Tonight is the deadline for the Tigers to tender contracts to arbitration eligable players. This morning they had seven players eligable for arbitration: Tim Byrdak, Miguel Cabrera, Chad Durbin, Nate Robertson, Bobby Seay, Marcus Thames and Dontrelle Willis.

Hasn’t been much movement up to this point on the key players but two moves were made:

Tigers avoided arbitration by signing Tim Byrdak to a one-year $712,500 dollar contract. He’ll be used as a LOOGY out of the bullpen again this year and I hope they keep his extended outings to a minimum. While the ZiPS projection isn’t hot on him, as last year was significantly better than any of his previous years, his ability to get lefties out is much needed this year.

Right-handed starter Chad Durbin was not tendered a contract and is now a free-agent. This surprised me. Durbin really stepped it up last year when the Tigers were in a jam. This leaves them a little exposed if an injury were to happen, which is quite possible with both Rogers and Bonderman.

I do expect the remaining players to be signed or tendered contracts.

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2 Responses to Tiger Arbitration Update

  1. Avocado says:

    Durbin only made $385,000 last year. Any idea what that figure might jump too in arbitration?

    Unless there’s some roster spot issue, I’d think he’d be worth keeping around. He pitched 127 functional innings last year.

  2. Eric Jackson says:

    It’s not known how much he was looking for but it did turn down $500,000.


    I think he is worth more than Byrdak but his value is as a starter and they don’t need that :/

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