John Sickels tackles the Tiger farm system

Wow, what a difference a month makes. A month ago the Tigers had a number of strong players in the farm system including Cameron Maybin, Andrew Miller, Jair Jurrjens, Gorkys Hernandez and Dallas Trahern, among others. Now the system is looking a bit more bare. Rating the Detroit system was likely a major challenge for Sickels as there are numerous middle-of-the-road prospects in the farm system which normally don’t make top 20 prospect lists.

This year the team has zero A-rated prospects with Rick Porcello, the Tiger 2007 #1 draft pick, leading the charge. Actually, five of the top 10 players listed are from the 2007 draft crop:

  • Rick Porcello – #1
  • Danny Worth – #3
  • Charlie Furbush – #6
  • Brandon Hamilton – #7
  • Casey Crosby – #10

Unfortunately Crosby is already out for next season which will put his progress off course for the year. Brent Clevlen has steadily worked his way down the prospect lists and sits here at #19. He’s pretty much out of contention for any spot on the big league where last year was big ‘make or break’ year. He barely showed up in Toledo batting .220/.304/.360.

Sickels ends making the comment of:

This system has been utterly gutted by trades. How quickly can it recover?

This will be the biggest challenge for David Chadd. Jason Beck expands on this challenge today’s Mailbox:

Rebuilding the system is going to fall on scouting director David Chadd and his group, who must add pitching through the Draft. Some of that will probably be college arms that can be ready for the Majors fairly quickly if needed. That could prove a little tougher than before, because they won’t be drafting with high picks anytime soon, and other teams are seeing the value of being willing to pay above slot to top prospects.

It will be interesting to see how the 2008 draft shakes out and how much, as Jason Beck contends, other teams have learned about paying above slot.

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3 Responses to John Sickels tackles the Tiger farm system

  1. I don’t like prospect lists, so I won’t spend much time commenting on one but this one seems off to me.

    I like Skelton and Furbush getting ranked up pretty high but I don’t understand his waving away of Joyce with the likes of Clevlen and Rhymes.

    I trust John’s overall perspective as to the strength of the system, but I know the Tigers’ system and this list feels like something he got bored with.

  2. Eric Jackson says:

    I agree, a player playing at a higher level but likely hit his ceiling (ala Clevlen) is very different than a player on their way up.

    I’d venture to say that Clevlen isn’t a prospect. We know what he’ll provide.

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