Tigers trail AL Central in youth talent

Sports Illustrated published Team-by-Team Talent Rankings by Bill James which gives each MLB team a score based on the amount of youth talent on the team. Unfortunately, the Detroit Tigers ranked near the bottom of all MLB teams and solidly last for AL Central.

Overall Rank Team 2007 Team Age
5 Cleveland Indians 28.0
8 Kansas City 28.0
11 Minnesota 28.5
24 Chicago White Sox 29.6
28 Detroit Tigers 30.9

This ranking really is not a surprise but still troubling at the same time. While not taking into account youth talent levels in the farm system, which Detroit has ranked middle of the pack the last few years, the result is rather concerning.

I am certainly pleased with the overall talent level on the team but with the age of the team climbing the risk due to injury climbs. With the struggles on injuries last year I fear the “Win Now” philosophy might have consequences in only a few years that we don’t want to pay.

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4 Responses to Tigers trail AL Central in youth talent

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  2. rea says:

    Bill James evidently doesn’t think much of Miller or Miner, and seems to have already written off Zumaya

  3. Eric Jackson says:

    Bill James didn’t offer a projection for Miller for next year, at least that I could find. I’m not sure if the expectation is for him not to start the year in the rotation, though I expect he will be there.

    As for this talent ranking, Miller hasn’t shown anything yet to be rated A or B level youth talent. He’s still very much a prospect with great upside.

    You have a good point on Miner & Zumaya though looking at other teams he seems to have neglected most team’s bullpen pitchers that I would expect to be on the list. Some are there though, like Papelbon.

  4. rea says:

    As for this talent ranking, Miller hasn’t shown anything yet to be rated A or B level youth talent.

    But James’ point about the Tigers is that they don’t have enough young “C” players

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