Tiger Trades: Where are they now?

Tiger TradesWith the season wrapping up I thought it would be interesting to look back at some of the moves that the team made earlier this season and how they fared. With a minor league system filled with talent, Detroit did not make a large number of moves this year even though they were racked with injuries. Once could certainly argue that they could have made some more changes or gone outside the club to enhance the bullpen or improve the starting rotation.

Since Dombrowski and Leyland elected to utilize the talent already within the organization the trades or roster moves made were mainly done to create space on the 40-man roster. Below I go over the 3 moves, all relatively minor, and look at the result.

1) Mike Maroth for Chris Lambert – I hated to see Mike Maroth leave but really only for personal reasons. I like Mike and liked having him on the team and had looked forward to his return after getting off to a hot start in ’06. That said, Maroth had really hit his limit and was clearly struggling and luckily he waited until he got to St. Louis to explode.

Since joining the Cardinals, Maroth has posted an 0-8 record with a 10.95 ERA. This allowed Andrew Miller to join the big league club who, while struggling at times, enjoyed relative success. This was a good move.

2) Jose Mesa for Nobody – Detroit released Jose Mesa pretty early in the season. He had been horrible for the Tigers and posted a 12.34 ERA in 16 games (11.7 innings).

Philadelphia did pick him up and he has done much better there though far from superbly. They have at least stuck with him through his 5.75 ERA and 20/19 K/BB ratio. This was a good move, there was no justification for keeping him even as long as they did.

3) Wilfredo Ledezma for Macay McBride – This was another move that I did not like when it happened. I’ve been a Ledezma fan and had wanted him to get a look for the rotation over Chad Durbin. Wil still has the ability to be an end of the rotation starter for a team and put up some solid numbers however this move, for the Tigers, has worked out. This move was geared to free up roster spots since Macay had options left. The Tigers seem to still believe in McBride has he will be playing in the Fall League next month.

As for Wilfredo, he was traded from the Braves after pitching just under 10 innings to the Padres. He hasn’t done well for either team and has posted a 6.75 ERA since leaving Detroit with an opponents hitting .313/.376/.500. Ouch.

PS: I kept this to pitchers. So, no, I did not forget about Craig Monroe.

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