Neifi Perez supsended 80-games for 3rd drug violation

ESPN is reporting that Neifi Perez has been handed an 80-day suspension for a 3rd violation of the MLB drug policy. This will save the Detroit club some money:

His initial suspension cost him $396,175, and the second will cost him $792,350 — a total of $1,188,525 of his $2.5 million salary. He will miss the final 54 games of the regular season and finish serving the suspension next year, if he is signed.

Though I’m not sure it’s worth the embarrassment handed down by having the first player to be handed this sentence for stimulants.

This isn’t so surprising since it was known that he hadn’t been playing in the farm system which had been allowed for the last week or so before being able to join the major league club this weekend. I had assumed this meant that Dombrowski had wised up and decided to part ways and maybe that still is the case but Neifi has made the decision for the Tigers.

Neifi’s absence has likely lead to the team looking to deal for Jack Wilson of the Pittsburgh Pirates. If this is the case, I would have preferred the Tigers keep Neifi and be done with the ordeal at the end of this year and get the off season to acquire a more respectable long-term shortstop option.

[UPDATE]Neifi speaks! He claims that he was subscribed Adderall after being diagnosed with ADHD. This part is quite possible as he says he was having a hard time concentrating on the game which can happen when you ride the bench. Here’s where it makes no sense:

“I went to two different drug stores and they wouldn’t sell me the medicine, so someone from the team told me I could use any amphetamine and I started using something else,” said Perez. “They tested me during spring training and everything was negative. But then in May I guess I tested positive, but they never told me there was something wrong.

All the players are well aware of the drug regulations and there is absolutely no excuse for Neifi. Good bye.

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  1. Akhilleus13 says:

    It’s scary to think how bad Perez would have been without the stimulants. Here is a funny piece on how his “enhanced” performance has hurt the team:
    - Brad from The Sports Desk at

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