Fernando Rodney has second solid outing in Toledo

Fernando Rodney pitched the eighth inning during the Toledo Mud Hens win over the Richmond Braves; his second rehab outing since going on the DL on June 24th. With little available on the trade market, the Tigers are depending highly on successful comebacks from both Rodney and Joel Zumaya both of whom are currently on the disabled list.

According to Jason Beck, Rodney was scheduled to throw around 20 pitches today and will again on Tuesday. He didn’t quite reach that target as he threw only 9 pitches (7 for strikes) getting one strikeout, two flyouts while allowing a double to the Braves Pete Orr. This was his first hit allowed in Toledo and makes it back-to-back strong innings which is precisely what Leyland is looking for; as Kurt @ Mack Avenue Tigers points out:

“There are no free passes here,” Leyland said. “If he goes down there and is healthy and shows that he can do it, then Rodney is going to be back on this team. We want him back on this team and he is very valuable. I love Fernando Rodney, but he is not going to go down for one outing and come back. That is not going to happen.”

Assuming Fernando does well on Tuesday evening he could rejoin the team as soon as next weekend as the Tigers face the White Sox in Comerica Park.

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