Detroit Tigers 2007 Draft Update

It has been about a month since the 2007 MLB Draft and a little over a month until the deadline for signing a drafted player (August 15th). MLB made a big deal out of the Draft process this year going so far as to televise it. However the post draft has been the same as previous years; done behind the scenes.

The Tigers have drafted some big names, even if we haven’t heard of them before, and I was curious as to where the Tigers are at in signing them. Below is an update for the top 12 players drafted by the Tigers this year. Where players have already been assigned a team and are playing I’ve added a link, just click on their name.

Round Overall Player Position From Status
1st 27th Rick Porcello RHP High School Unsigned
The story with the first round pick, Rick Porcello, is well known and that will likely come right down to the trade deadline.
Supplemental 60th Brandon Hamilton RHP High School Signed
The Baseball America Draft Database doesn’t have him listed as signed but according to the local paper he was signed on Tuesday, July 3rd. He’ll join the GCL Tigers.
2nd 91st Danny Worth SS College Signed
3rd 121st Luke Putkonen RHP College Unsigned
Until recently Luke has been busy trying to win the College World Series with the Tar Heels after narrowly missing the win last year with Andrew Miller. They failed to do so and the Beavers won their second straight title.
4th 151st Charlie Furbush LHP College Signed
5th 181 Casey Crosby LHP High School Unsigned
Crosby is another talent that slipped farther down the draft ladder due to a pretty high price. We’re not talking Rick Porcello money but to keep him from College he’s demanding something in return. There has been very little news apart from a sighting at a hometown gathering.
6th 211 Cale Iorg SS College Unsigned
7th 241 Devin Thomas C College Signed
8th 271 Manny Miguelez LHP College Signed
9th 301 Justin Henry 2B College Signed
10th 331 Dominic de la Osa OF College Unsigned
Even though he is in College, Dominic was drafted as junior and is setting a pretty hefty price to pry him away from his senior year with Vanderbilt.
11th 361 Gary Perinar RHP College Signed

Seven of the top 12 Tiger 2007 draft class have been signed and are already working with their respective teams. Though there is quite a bit of work left.

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