Broken toe jump starts Inge’s bat

Ever since Brandon Inge broke his left to on May 29th due to a breaking ball from Casey Fossum he has been unstoppable. On May 29th Brandon was batting a .219/.314/.396 which, after sitting out six days due to the toe injury, has turned into .254/.350/.361.

That is a heck of a turnaround in such a short time. He’s certainly been improving some after getting off to an extremely slow start but the recent up shift has been dramatic as you can see below.

Brandon Inge Statistics

Improvement hasn’t come only in hits but also an increased walk-rate and a lowered strike-out rate. Watching his recent plate appearances you can certainly notice improved at-bats, less check-swing strikes and much more solid strokes which translate into simply better at-bats and better results.

April 80 12 4 10 28 .150 .242 .313 .555 11.1% 35.0%
May 89 25 4 10 19 .281 .379 .472 .851 10.1% 21.3%
June 23 11 3 4 4 .478 .571 .913 1.484 14.8% 17.3%

He’s now wearing a toe guard for the duration of the injury which will be slow to heal. According to the Free Press, he’s not even at 100% yet, not even close:

Third baseman Brandon Inge said his broken toe has left him playing at 60% — but climbing. He was about 55% before Monday’s day off.

I wonder what he was playing at before the injury.

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6 Responses to Broken toe jump starts Inge’s bat

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  2. Chad says:

    Any clue what the song that Inge intro’s to is? I think it’s Korn. Like the site. Go Tigers!

  3. Eric Jackson says:

    I think it is “Coming Undone” by Korn. Not certain though.

  4. Jesse says:

    While his hitting has without question improved, I find myself missing the defense. Maybe I’ve just gotten so used to seeing Inge leave his feet to snag tough grounders, but I keep seeing balls get through the infield that I’m pretty sure wouldn’t if Inge weren’t playing in pain. My hope is that Inge will maintain his improved swing once his toe is no longer an issue and he’ll be that all-around-awesome third basemen we all want.

    (Inge is my Tiger)

  5. Eric Jackson says:

    I agree, unfortunately this is a slow injury to heal. Many have said that the injury has helped his hitting since it has forced him to stay back in his stance at the plate and keep weight off his front foot.

    Due to that we can hope that he’ll continue after he’s healed and we can then benefit from both his defense and some added offense, for once.

  6. Zoey says:

    yeah i think inge is an all around good player even tho his toe is broken he still keeps his head and his heart in the game i think he plays fantastic for the tigers and i hoipe he keeps up this streak of good playing (not that he hasn’t always had it

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