Verlander tosses no-hitter against Brewers

Wow. Absolutely amazing. When Jim Leyland told his starters that the team needed them to last deeper into games Justin Verlander took that to heart. Tonight he tossed a no-hitter against the Milwaukee Brewers dominating the hitters racking up a total of 12 K’s.

Justin Verlander 9.0 0 0 0 4 12 0

That is one hell of a stat line. Amazing game that I didn’t go to but saw on TV. My wife was there though but I’m not sure that makes up for it :) There isn’t a whole heck of allot that I can add to this evening but I did collect a few of the initial headlines from around news outlets for posterity:

ESPN started covering the no-no during the seventh inning.
verlander 7th inning
Continuing into the eighth inning where they broke into coverage nationally.
verlander 7th inning
verlander 7th inning
verlander 7th inning
verlander 7th inning
verlander 7th inning
verlander 7th inning

Others around the Tiger blogosphere are all over this as well:

- Billfer @ The Detroit Tigers Weblog
- Kurt @ Mack Ave Tigers
- Ian @ Bless You Boys
- Lee @ Tiger Tales

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5 Responses to Verlander tosses no-hitter against Brewers

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  2. Akhilleus13 says:

    101 MPH is really something. This might not be the last no-hitter Verlander gets. There are some good quotes of his reaction to the game here:

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