Placido Polanco getting some notice

Many Tigers are starting to get noticed more nationally with the team leading the AL Central for another year and this time with some offense. Magglio Ordonez is making a run for MVP but a bit more quietly Polanco continues to be a key member in the 2-spot in the lineup.

Everyone in Detroit knows how important he is to this team and now folks elsewhere are starting to discover this as well. Jason Stark at put Polanco at #7 of the top 10 underrated players and summed up Placido’s contributions in a good way, if not so technical:

The best way to describe Polanco, though, isn’t with any number. It’s with that word, “winner.” He’s one of those “glue” players. He glues your team together with all those little things he does. And the 2006-07 Tigers are a walking testimonial to that. Then again, so is his inclusion on this prestigious list.

Baseball Prospectus similarly listed him in an add-on to their top 50 most valuable players.

The Case For: I received a rather sarcastic e-mail asking why Placido Polnaco wasn’t in the Top 50; I assumed that it was a joke, but another one came in a day later. He is hitting .333 this year, and plays outstanding second base defense.

The Case Against: He’s into his 30s, his VORP last year as 7.9, and slowish players who rely on batting average don’t tend to age well.

The Verdict: I’m a Tiger fan so there’s no hate here; Polanco has been an underrated player for a long time. But he’s this year’s version of Freddy Sanchez.

It is quite nice to see Placido go noticed even if it is for going unnoticed.

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  1. L-girl says:

    Hi, please forgive this cut-and-paste comment.

    I’ve started a petition to tell Major League Baseball that a significant number of fans dislike interleague play and want it abolished.

    Please visit Petition to End Interleague Play and read it. If you agree, please sign it and consider posting it on this blog.

    I’m hoping to spread the word among serious baseball fans. I realize it may do very little, but I thought it was time we stop complaining to each other and tell management how we feel. Thanks!

  2. Ningrum says:

    Thanks, Brady. I appreciate the cetnomms. My gut tells me that the Tigers are still going to acquire someone to play second base. Sizemore has been decent during spring training, but his left ankle scares me. He was left out of the lineup last week because it felt weak. He may need more time to heal. By the way, you had asked if I was in Lakeland. I am not. A friend of mine just came back from there last week and had tons of good things to say about this team. I have a good feeling about them, too.

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