Mesa likely to come off DL to Toledo

Article over at talks of the possibility of a Minor League stint for Mesa who is eligible to return off of the disabled list this coming Wednesday. Sounds like a strong possibility that his return will be with Toledo to start off at the request of Mesa.

I think that’s going to be the best scenario, because a lot of times when you’re coming back from injury, that’s the way to find out if you’re OK,” said Mesa, who last appeared in the Minors in ’91 with the Orioles affiliate in Triple-A Rochester.

Leyland says he’ll talk it over with GM Dombrowski but I’d say its a good idea regardless. Mesa has been off to less than a stellar start and the rest of the bullpen has been struggling to some degree. The last thing the bullpen needs is for him to compound the issues upon his return. Aquilino Lopez, who has been replacing Mesa, hasn’t been great but has been better than Mesa was and, while giving up a number of runs, has thrown some good innings and seems to be adjusting.

Mesa needs to go work out not only his injury but also the issues from earlier this year. With Lopez holding down the fort and Zumaya and Rodney seemingly coming around it presents a fine opportunity to do so.

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