Tigers stacked with clutch hitting

Taking another look at ‘clutch hitting’, John Perrotto at Baseball Prospectus (Subscription) delved directly into individual players who are consistent leaders of RISP (batting average with Runners in Scoring Position).

Thus, we took a look at the top 10 in the major leagues in both categories in each full season of this decade, with a minimum of 100 plate appearances for runners in scoring position, and 50 plate appearances for late and close situations (which are defined as PAs in the seventh inning or later with the batting team tied, ahead by one, or with the tying run on deck). If anyone finished in the top 10 twice in the same category during those seven seasons, he was considered a repeatable clutch hitter.

So out of this shook 17 players of which three are current Detroit Tigers:

  • Placido Polanco
  • Ivan Rodriguez
  • Gary Sheffield

They then took a look at batters who greater than 700 AB’s with runners in scoring positiion since 2001 and yet another current Tiger popped out in Magglio Ordonez. There was no Craig Monroe but he’ll get there ;)

The writeup had more to do with pointing out that most folks example of clutch hitters such as Derek Jeter and David Ortiz do not show up on this but many Tigers did :) If there is such a thing as a clutch hitter then Detroit is stockpiling that talent.

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2 Responses to Tigers stacked with clutch hitting

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  2. Bill says:

    I don’t pay for a BP subscription, but do find it mildly interesting that the 3 Tigers listed all have career BAs of around .300 or better since 2000 overall. Is it any surprise that a given subset of that will be a good batting average?

    I’d be far more surprised if a career .240 hitter over 10 years was suddenly a career .375 hitter with RISP. Those things just don’t really happen.

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