Final Detroit Spots Filled; 25-man set

Jason Beck has released on his blog who has been selected to fill the final slots available on the Tigers 25-man roster. There are no surprises here; Chad Durbin to the bullpen and Neifi Perez on the bench. Miner, Santiago, Seay and Shelton all are sent to minor league camp.

Most had anticipated Durbin would be selected if only for options reasons but he did also come through with an outstanding Spring Training. Perez has also had a good spring and giving him a shot I’m not against. He is way more utility than Shelton and has hit better than Santiago historically.

Tigers are locked and loaded with one week until Opening Day!

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  1. Stan says:

    Thanks for the news! I haven’t been able to see any Tigers spring training games, unfortunately. I’ve never looked this much forward to Opening Day in my life.

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