Can Ledezma Replace Mike Maroth as a Starter?

The latest Cutoff Man blog entry they bring up the discussion on whether Ledezma should replace Mike Maroth on the Tigers starting rotation. Scott sites a comment:

At the time of his elbow injury last season, Mike Maroth had a respectable 4.19 ERA in 53.2 innings.

First off, this statement is a bit misleading as the 4.19 was his ERA for the entire year. His splits you can see when I tackled Mike Maroth in general less than a week ago, but his ERA before he was hurt was 3.62 with 5 wins and 2 losses.

Ledezma wasn’t utilized till later in the 2006 season and is largly untested as a starter. There is simply no way anyone can justify not giving Maroth the shot with Ledezma ready to step in if any issues arise. With questions looming about who will fill the lefty bullpen role moving Ledezma out to start the season would also be a mistake.
Ledezma impressed much as a relief pitcher and struggled more as a starter. Below are his splits between starting and relief roles:

Starter 35.2 37 19 4 12 19 4.29
Reliever 24.2 23 9 1 11 20 2.55

The starting slot that Maroth currently holds is one that he must loose and unfortunately Ledezma cannot earn on his own and Maroth is far from losing the spot. I’m happy to have Ledezma where is too.

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