AL Central Links

Lots of interesting happenings went on over the week around the AL Central (except Chicago..)

Detroit Tigers

Cleveland Indians

  • Cleveland signed Trot Nixon to a one-year deal worth $3M. This deal is structured based on playing time earning more based on plate appearances. Nixon can be pretty good if he isn’t hurt and this has certainly turned off some Tribe fans.
  • Jason Michaels was signed to a two-year contract worth 4.25M. This is interesting as Michaels did not have a good year last year and the Indians have made some off season moves, such as picking up David Dellucci, that will significantly cut into Michaels playing time. It looks like they haven’t given up on him to the degree that some thought.

Minnesota Twins

  • Francisco Liriano, last years Twins rookie sensation pitcher, hopes to be throwing from the mound by October. He had ligament surgery on November 6th last year and this operation normally takes a year recovery so this is pretty much not a surprise. While Liriano had a great year last year the Tigers hit him pretty well racking up 13 of his total 31 runs given up.
  • Twins sign Ramon Ortiz for a one-year 3.1M deal. It’s not a shock to see the Twins looking for rotation help but this signing leaves something to be desired. The Twins rotation is still very much in question and they are really reeling for help looking to other undesirables such as Sidney Ponson. Twinkie Town tries to figure out which is a worse deal..

Kansas City Royals

Chicago White Sox

  • Oddly silent in Chicago, they did sign Crede which was no shocker. Other than that it has been very quiet as it has been all off season.
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  1. Kurt says:

    now I can’t find where I read it, but I guess the KC owner makes a yearly tradition of predicting his team will compete for the division title. For some reason, the AP just heralded it more this one, I guess, because I don’t remember it.

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