Twins sign Ponson, Voyles to Minor League Contracts

In a follow up to an earlier post here on ‘2007 Minnesota Twins (A Look Forward)‘ the Twins seem to be trying to plug up their one major weakness by signing two known pitchers to minor league contracts and extending invites to spring training.

While I’m certainly not surprised to see the Twins giving themselves options within their rotations I found these interesting. Extremely little was given up to give both these guys a shot and this could pan out for the Twins. Sidney Ponson, who has been his own worst enemy for the most part, likely has the best chance at working his way into the lineup. Sidney started in the Cardinals rotation last year and faced the Tigers once, during their mid-year sweep of the current Champs, before getting let go mid-year.

Brady Voyles, also with the Cardinals organization last year, has done very little since his last MLB appearance in 2003 with the Royals and pitching only 18 innings last year at Memphis.

In a separate note, DTown is getting mentioned throughout the Tiger Baseball blogosphere. I would like to welcome all of you who are new to DTown Baseball. I hope you enjoy the site and feel free to comment!

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4 Responses to Twins sign Ponson, Voyles to Minor League Contracts

  1. David Gilbert says:

    The extra pitching depth the Twins signed will allow them to develop and mature their strong minor league talent. This spells more trouble for the AL Central, once again, the Twins will return to the playoffs.

  2. Eric Jackson says:

    Oh I believe it, a number in their minors are MLB ready IMHO. Garza gets much of the press but there are others.

    I also believe that many of them will be in the big leagues before this year is over.

  3. David says:

    If Sidney continues to struggle it will be sooner than later.

  4. Eric Jackson says:

    Yep, getting banged up by KC was pretty bad. Detroit had some issues with KC too but ended up winning the series. :)

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