Beware of the… Royals?

Royals fans are starting to see changes happening within the organization and are viewing them in a positive light. The Royals, as we here in Detroit can sympathize with, have not had an easy going of it in MLB for the last decade, with only one season above .500 (2003) in the last 12 years. This off season the Royals have apparently had enough and made a dramatic break with the status quo.

There is a good article over at the Kansas City Star that runs through the changes and, for KC fans, some reasons to start looking forward with at least some level of anticipation. To sum it up, major changes have happened this off season in Kansas City and these aren’t only roster changes but also changes is attitude and/or spending. They have started spending money gathering free agents and cutting many ties with a large group of prospects that just haven’t panned out. They have extended their farm system and are certainly looking to cash in on their multiple first draft picks from the last few years.

Whether or not you agree with the controversial signing of Gil Meche, and to some David Riske, it shows one thing; the Royals are ready to win. This is good news for KC fans no matter how you view it, and is a great thing for a baseball town like Kansas City that is stooping to extreme tactics to fill the stadium. That isn’t so good for the Tigers however.

Are the Royals the Detroit Tigers of ’07? Likely not, but signs are showing that KC thinks they have a contender in the next year or two and the Tigers should certainly not look past KC next year. In a division that is already extremely competitive another team is showing up to play ball.

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